The Vocational and  Technical Skills Department is a practical oriented Department that equips Learners who undertake a course in any of its Units with the requisite skills needed to generate income and thereby making life more comfortable. The Units under this Department are made up of Art Related, Home Economics and Technical Skills.

The above units under the department handle practical based courses and for that matter, our students are able to make an income even while under training or upon completion of their prorammes. The practical nature of the courses puts our students ahead of their counterparts in the world of work. While in college adeqiuate time is made for our students to practice concepts they are taught in class to enable them master them. This is done by either asigning them projects or getting them internship opportunities.

Some of the courses taught at the Department are lkisted below:


  • Visual Communication – Computer Graphics (CorelDraw and Photoshop)
  • Sculpture – Assemblage and Construction
  • Leather Work
  • Picture Making
  • Textiles, Fibres and Fabric
  • Catering
  • Sewing
  • Meal Management
  • Foundation of TVET (Technical, Vocational Education and Training)
  • Wood Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering (Metal Technology)
  • Construction Technology (both sub and supper structure)
  • Block Work
  • Automobile
  • Applied Visual Communication
  • Curriculum Studies in Visial Arts



Michael N. K. Fiemawhle

M.A Arts & Culture


Samuel P. Atali

M. A. Arts and Culture


Peter N. Sappor

M.Tech Educ. (Construction Technology)


Ransford Boateng

MPhil. Wood Science & Technology


Courage Otchi

M.Tech (Mechanical Technology)

Asst. Tutor

Miss Elizabeth Fotwe

BSc. Home Science


Pamela Nyadroh

MEd. Home Econs (Food & Nutrition)


Marvin Akwada