Vocational & Technical

Vocational & Technical Department

The Vocational and Technical Department is a Technology and Practical oriented Department that equips learners to undertake courses in its Units with the requisite Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills needed to cause a change in Society by solving societal problems related to Technology.

This purpose is achieved through the use of the most relevant Project Design and Realization approach to practically cause the changes and proceed to produce a more acceptable and safe products for society. This approach and training also generates some income for the learners, thereby providing them some self-employment opportunities and making them self-reliant in the various units in the department.

The Units are

  1. Art and Culture
  2. Home Economics (Catering, Clothing, Fashion design and Technology)
  3. Technical with various Trade area Technologies

The Units in the department handle practicals in all the course areas to equip its learners with contemporary hands-on approaches in the various Trade Areas.

These approaches in the training of the learners give them dual mode of training and opportunities being the educational teacher training and clear vocational and Technological direction with design and realization in all the trade areas. Making them able to identify problems in particular situations and work down the “problem solving route” to practically producing the said artefact in the process of solving the problems.

This also puts them ahead of their peers or counterparts as our learners otherwise “Student teachers” come out also as probable self-employed graduates. This is achieved with practice concepts, assignment with projects and ensuring them internship opportunities.


  • Visual Communication (Computer graphic as Coral draw and Photoshop)
  • Sculpture (Assemblage and construction)
  • Curriculum Studies in Visual Arts
  • Leather works
  • Picture making
  • Textiles, fibres and fabrics
  • Catering
  • Clothing and fashion designs
  • Sewing and garment construction
  • Textiles, fibres and fabrics
  • Meal management
  • Foundation, Trends and Management of Vocation and Technical Education and Training
  • Wood Science and Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Building and Engineering Drawing
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Automobile Engineering Technology
  • Electrical/ Electronic Technology
  • Applied Visual/Graphic Communication

Members of the Department



Mr. Courage Mawuli Otchi

MTech. Educ. (Mechanical Engineering)


Mr. Samuel P. Atali

M.A Art & Culture


Mr. Pamela Elikem Nyadroh

MEd Home Econs (Food and Nutrition)


Mr. Peter N. Sappor

MTech. Educ. (Construction Technology)


Mr. Michael N. K. Fiemawhle

M.A Art & Culture


Mrs. Hilda Eyram Metsiwodzi

MPhil Clothing and Textiles


Mr. Edward Kwame Worlanyo Bedu

MPhil Wood Science and Technology


Mr. Courage Dovi

MPhil Construction Technology


Mr. Alex kojo Okyere

M. Phil Automotive Engineering Technology


Mr. William Brobbey

M. Tech. Educ. (Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology)