Department of Languages

Department of Languages

Welcome to the Department of Languages at Ada College of Education. We are one of the leading departments. The Department is a reputable, comprehensive, flexible and accessible one that seeks to motivate the contemporary generation. Currently, we offer English and Ghanaian Languages. Our scope includes courses in English, Literature and Ghanaian Language related courses for diploma and degree programmes. The Department is also in charge of current affairs, debates and Ghana National Association of Teachers and Mutual Fund Quizzes. Through the Department and its dedicated tutors, the College won many awards in these contests.

We are committed to providing excellent, research-led teaching to our student teachers, as well as to enriching cultural and intellectual life, nationally and locally, through our research, and public engagement.


To develop and deliver teaching, learning and research courses that equip student teachers with the requisite language and literary knowledge and skills that will make them effective in their teaching profession.


The Department of Language aspires, through constantly updated language and literary courses and research, to train student teachers who will be well-baked with requisite expertise to serve the changing needs of the professional teacher.


We offer a wide range of exciting courses at the diploma and degree levels, some of these are;

  • English Language studies I
  • English Language Studies II
  • African and Non-African Poetry
  • African Drama
  • Communicative Skills
  • Introduction to African Literature
  • Language and Literacy
  • Literature-in-English
  • Methods of Teaching English in Basic Schools
  • Dangme
  • Ewe
  • Ga
  • Fante
  • Twi
  • Nzema and Other Ghanaian Languages

Members of the Department



Mr. Edward Abaya-Teye


Mr. Gershon Kofi Ladzekpo


Mrs. Rose Srem-Sai


Mr. Robert Egyir-Mensah


Mr. Sampson Davi

Mr. John K. Attiye (Torgbui Ashiagbor IV)

Mr. Reuben Aborchie (Rev.)

Mr. Eric Sackey


Mr. Lomo Johnson