Education Department

Education Department

The education department is a pivot on which all other courses revolve in a teacher training institution like ours. The Paramount aim of the department is that the structures of education courses are in place to keep students engaged and to teach them a versatile skill set towards professionalism.

The department is also noted for pioneering the future. We inspire the younger generations who will continue making the world a better place.

The confirmation is that, the best aspect of a teacher’s job is seeing a child overcoming a struggle and understanding something being taught and that is our hallmark.

The department which is as old as the school can boost of the educational resource and the primary education units. The department has 6 hardworking, dedicated, selfless, determined and above all efficient tutors.

They are noted to be pacesetters and always ready to complement each other’s efforts in bringing out the best in their students.

Excellent performance in education courses over the years is a testimony for all and sundry in and out of the college. We offer several courses as a department and above all that, final year students are taken through project work and a mandatory teaching practice.


1. Principles and practices of education
2. Child and adolescent development and learning
3. Principles and methods of teaching in basic schools
4. Assessment in basic schools
5. Educating the special needs individual
6. Research methods
7. Guidance and counseling
8. Trends in education
9. Psychological basis in teaching and learning

Members of the Department


Mr. Clement Soglo-Sevor

Mr. Alfred Nukpetsi


Mrs. Stella Boafo

Mr. Ernest Ofori Sasu

Mr. Felix Larbi


Mr. Jonathan Amonoo Davis

Mr. Ben Adzrolo

Mrs. Philomena A. Acquah