Social Sciences

Social Sciences Department

The Department is inclined in the science of studying human, societal, and environmental interrelationship with the intent of addressing diverse human challenges by grooming student teachers to imbue their professional practise with problem-solving minds and attitudes. In a nutshell, the Department focuses on the training and development of good citizens.


The Department is focused on training a twenty-first-century teacher who can independently work without much supervision and be a relevant team player in the advancement of general education in Ghana.

As a multi-discipline area of study, the Department aims at integrating teaching and learning for the advancement of knowledge and skills in order to attain quality leadership and an exemplary professional conduct among teacher trainees


To train the teacher who is self-reliant, disciplined, and responsible enough for the training of the required all-round learner for the development of Ghana in general.

To provide a conducive teaching and learning environment for the acquisition of knowledge and skills through scholarly studies, teamwork, and community engagement with the student-teacher as an integral stakeholder.

Career Development

The Department organises a students’ choir for the College’s official ceremonies such as Matriculation, Congregation, Induction, Devotions, and End of Year Service of Carols among others. Also, the Department assists and organises Annual Inter-Halls’ Choral Competition among student teachers and some of its remarkable contributions to the development of the College is the College’s Anthem and 50th Anniversary Song among others.


  • Methods of Teaching Social and Environmental Studies
  • Methods of Teaching Music and Dance
  • Using Foreign and Traditional Compositional Techniques in Music and Dance
  • The Concept of Social and Environmental Studies in General
  • Socio-Cultural and Economic Issues in Societal Settings

Members of the Department



Mr. Henry Hayford Cofie


Mr. Barnabas Atsini


Mr. Jacob Atteh Agbedam


Mr. Kingsley Baffoe