Transport Unit

Ada College of Education transport policy ensures that each vehicle is operated, maintained and used in safe and economical condition. It is designed to guide the operational decisions for management of the College’s fleet of vehicles and shall be complied with by all transport using department staff of the College. Staff of the transport Unit responsible for management of both fleet of vehicles and personnel shall be headed by Transport Officer (Chief Driver), and shall ensure that the responsibilities and regulations are adhered to by all staff and students of the College.


The mission of the Transport Unit of Ada College of Education shall be to provide and maintain the most appropriate, safe and reliable vehicles on daily basis.


The Transport Unit shall plan and coordinate the movement of fleet of vehicles in a cost effective manner for the College. The unit shall ensure that all vehicles are neat and in good working conditions, road worthy, and insured as recommended by Management.

The Unit shall promote the safety of fleet and their personnel through:
a) Education and information
b) Research, monitoring and evaluation
c) Enforcement of rules and regulations enshrined in this and National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) Policy and regulation documents.
d) Accident reporting and emergency response services
e) Periodic training of transport officers.

Organisational Structure

The Transport Unit shall be managed by the Transport officer (Chief Driver) and report to the Principal. Periodic issues in relation to key decisions of the Unit shall be referred to the Transport Committee for consideration and recommendation. The Committee shall be composed of:
a) The Transport Officer—Chief Driver
b) The Principal Transport Assistant Driver
c) The Senior Transport Assistant Driver
d) Technicians
e) Artisans

Unit Staff


Chief Transport Officer

Kenneth Koveh Kumah


Principal Transport Officer

Samuel Ofori


Senior Transport Officer

Paul Godssoldier