Students’ Support Services

Welcome to the Support Services Unit within the Ada College of Education. The unit is manned by four personnel and is located at the immediate left side of the main entrance to the Colleges Administration Block.


Every human being born into this troubled world; irrespective of race, colour, gender, class, religion etc is faced with one problem or the other. The decisions we take in addressing such problems justify our end. It is thus, necessary that the steps we take in handling the numerous problems we face in life is crucial; hence, the need to seek professional guidance.

Guidance and counselling is a dual concept that denotes the collective services offered to people under duress and to provide direction for people of sound mind to acquire some knowledge or skills to achieve set goals.

It collaborates with all the teaching activities and all learning endeavours. It is thus, a collective service that welcomes all stakeholders such as Students, Parents, Teachers and Society at large. It is an integral part of the teaching and learning process, just like assessment.

Preferably referred to as the Students’ Support Services; Guidance and Counselling services make you aware of what to do to prevent or minimize potential challenges. It also provides you with the skills and knowledge to deal with challenges when they occur.

A guidance and counseling service is thus, inevitable in a Tertiary Educational Institution like the Ada College of Education; here in referred to as the Students’ Support Unit.


To help people make informed, realistic goals in life and to lead a meaningful life.


To create within the environment of Ada College of Education a conducive serene atmosphere that promotes collaborative social, academic as well as emotional well being of all.


At the Ada College of Education Students’ Support Unit we offer the following services;
1. Orientation/Adaptive Service: This helps students to psychologically and physically adjust to their new environment in order to remove fear and anxiety that some students may have for moving into a new educational environment.

2. Information/Distributive Service: This provides both students and teachers with information on social and educational opportunities available so as to make informed choices. We also help students to acquire relevant knowledge that provides insight to attain specific purposes. The unit also provides vocational knowledge through seminars, conferences, talks etc.

3. Counseling Services: This brings the counselor and client into an intimately confidential relationship to assist the client to overcome his/her problems so as to function fully without drawbacks. Normally, troubled persons are helped to feel and behave in a more personally satisfying manner.
We offer counseling on personal/social issues as well as on Academic/ Education issues.

4. Consultation Services: which is a collaborative service that exchanges ideas among stakeholders (teachers, parents, agencies, and other guidance functionaries) to help students resolve their personal challenges and other issues. Under this service, students seek information, advices or help from the unit.

5. Placement Service: which involve activities that facilitate self-placement of persons in situations or settings that will enable them to gain useful information to make a satisfactory adjustment and to contribute to their total development. We make students aware of opportunities available in school and outside the school; including educational, vocational/career, and social placement.

6. Follow-up Services: which monitors the progress of students who availed themselves for counseling. We trace students who are offered any guidance service to monitor their progress and to check whether there would be a need for further assistance.

7. Evaluation and Appraisal Services: which appraises the guidance and counseling program in general to determine the effectiveness of the guidance program in meeting students’ needs. The appraisal service provides data or information on students that highlights the individuality of each student. We collect, analyse and use a variety of objective and subjective personal, psychological and social data about students for the purpose of better understanding them as well as assisting them to understand themselves and to take up well-meaning ventures.

Members of the Unit



Mrs. Philomena A. Acquah



Rev. Reuben Teye Aborchie


Gender Champion

Miss. Stella Serwaa Boafo



Mrs. Rose Srem-Sai