Students Affairs

Students Affairs

The Unit operates on three main regions.

Three Regions of Responsibility for the Office of Students’ Affairs

  • Campus Life and Activities
  • Alumni Relations
  • Diversity
  1. Life on Campus

The Office of Student Affairs is granted both the responsibility and the latitude to ensure that daily interactions are peaceful and productive for every student. The Unit administers the rules for behaviour, possess oversight for judging infractions, organize community activities, negotiate and interact with various organizations, and much more. Maintaining an active, harmonious, and beneficial learning and living environment for students is one of her primary functions.

  1. Flying the Nest

The College community is like any other human gathering, and alumni relations are also a vital consideration for the Student Affairs Unit. We maintain connections with students who have completed degree programmes, invite them to continue to participate in the College life via donations or social events, and beneficially leverage the skill sets of former students to benefit current students through mentorship and community service. We also provide tracer services, information and references for former students.

  1. A Diverse Experience

Students come from many different backgrounds. The Office of Student Affairs is tasked with creating and administering a variety of programmes to meet the needs of all students and ensure a respectful, nurturing cultural environment. We are also responsible for ensuring that students with specific physical needs are met with accessible classrooms, support pertinent to their life needs, and educational programs that successfully incorporate their experience into the curriculum through various media or pedagogical support programmes. International students and culturally diverse student bodies are also supported by the Unit’s efforts so that a harmonious and inclusive experience is available to every person. Additionally, we encourage faith-based services for a variety of belief systems, so that each student may seek support through the religious institution most familiar to them.

Functional Responsibilities of the Students’ Affairs Unit

    • address student behaviour
    • coordinate new student orientation
    • act as a liaison between student departments and institution administrators
    • assess student body needs and respond to any questions or concerns from the student body in an effective and timely manner
    • provide proactive leadership and structure to ensure school development
    • provide student support on issues related to student services, institution policies and department processes
    • conduct consistent department evaluations to determine how efficient it is running and, if necessary, recommend ideas of improvement
    • assist in planning long-range goals and implement approved policies within assigned functional areas, maintain uniform and consistent application of student policies and regulations in assigned functional areas
    • managing disputes, and ensuring that the needs of diverse student bodies are met on a daily basis.

Members of the Unit

Dean of Students

Gershon Kofi Ladzekpo