Gender & Inclusion Unit

Gender & Inclusion Unit

Gender and Inclusion Unit aims at sensitizing, implementing and monitoring the College’s gender and inclusion responsiveness. This is guided by Gender Responsive Scorecard. The sensitization is done through various training activities focused on creating awareness on gender and inclusion issues and sexual harassment among management, academic staff, non-academic staff and students.
The Unit seeks to guide College management to implement issues of gender and inclusion beginning from physical structures to human resources, and monitoring activities of the College so that every member of the College community will be gender responsive.

Gender and Inclusion Unit is one of the youngest units created with the emergence of Transforming Teacher Education and Learning (T-TEL) and its activities at the colleges of education.

With the help of T-TEL, the unit has written two policies: a Sexual Harassment Policy and Gender and Inclusion Policy and aligned them with the National Sexual Harassment for Colleges of Education. The two policies are the guiding laws for the College and other stakeholders in dealing with issues of gender, inclusion and sexual harassment.

The Unit is headed by a Gender Champion. The Gender Champion coordinates all issues related to gender and inclusion in the College and is assisted by eight Committee Members.

Committee Members


Gender Champion

Stella Serwaa Boafo


Committee Secretary

Rose Srem-Sai



Clement Soglo-Savor



Emmanuel Otu-Odei



Simon Kpodo



Delphine Aseye Agamah