Assessment & Registration Unit

The Assessment/Registration (AR) Unit deals with academic – related affairs of all the students in Ada College of Education. The Unit works in collaboration with the Vice Principal to monitor the quality of the College academic programmes.
This Unit draws up composite time–tables in consultation with the heads of the various academic departments for teaching.

The allocation of lecture theatres for teaching and learning is the responsibility of the Unit. This Unit is also in charge of course or examination registration of all students at the beginning of each semester. The Unit liaises with all heads of departments for students’ continuous assessment scores/marks, and then keys in same to the affiliate Universities.

Again, the Unit is responsible for the submission of relevant information on students to the Students Loan Trust Fund for students’ allowances.

The Unit is also responsible for administration and smooth conduct of all internal and external College examinations.

For efficient management and supervision of the examination room environment, this Unit:
• Provides staff invigilation time table towards the end of semester examination.
• Orients staff and students on effective conduct of both internal and external examinations.
• Receives examination questions from the affiliate Universities and keeps them in the College’s strong room.
• Allocates examination halls and sitting arrangements for students.
• Supervises and ensures proper invigilation of both internal and external examinations.


This unit is currently headed by Ms Eunice Osei-Asibey

Members of the Unit


Ms Eunice Osei-Asibey