The Security Unit of Ada College of Education is currently made up of young energetic recruits who over the past few years have lived up to Tertiary Status Standards. It’s an in-house security that seeks to protect rather than combat crime.


Our tasks are multi-purpose, they include but not limited to the following;
• To protect human lives and properties
• To enforce social order e.g. do not park your vehicle here, do not pass through the lawns
• Know the boundaries of the college and protect the land boundaries from encroachers
• Go round and check all office doors and gates to confirm or ensure that they are properly locked each day before you close after work.
• Put on and off lights at the appropriate time
• Check all office doors and windows frequently/ regularly
• When a fault is detected, it must be reported to the Officer-in-Charge or Head of Security immediately
• All office keys must be kept at the security Office
• Patrol regularly to show general security presence
• We report to your duty post at least five minutes before the actual time of handing over. This will enhance smooth handing over.
• We are very punctual and time conscious
• We are responsible for traffic control in and around Adacoe Campus among others

Additional Responsibility

We are the first front Deskmen. People approach us first before entering the premises. They even approach us before getting to the Administrative Office, for that matter;
• We give direction
• We are the first point of contact before entering campus
• Our humble attitude towards others shows how visitors perceived our College
• We are the link between the Police service and campus authorities.
• Anytime you encounter an incident, remember the 3W’s, WHO?, WHAT? WHERE? Give Security point of view recommendations and be precise. Do not take sides even if the people involve are close to you.
• We do not cover-up but refer criminal cases to the Head of Security immediately for action to be taken
• We do not beat criminals and protect them from lynching by students or the public but hand criminals over to the Police for further investigations and actions taken.
• Do not put your attention on your phones except the Moto roller/ Walkie Talkie


Officer in-charge

Michael N.K. Fiemawhle


2nd in Command

Moses Teye Otumi


Guard II COE

Dogbey Lawerh Joseph

Guard II COE

Anim Abraham Narh