January 4, 2021 | Webmaster

The Leadership of PRINCOF wishes to bring to the notice of students and other stakeholders the following reopening arrangements for the 1st Semester of the 2020/2021 Academic for all the 46 Public Colleges of Education in Ghana:

* 11th January, 2021:

  1. Level 100 students report to campus for face-to-face sessions and writing of End of Semester Exams.
  2. Level 200 students report to campus for 6 weeks’ face-to-face sessions.
  3. SRC Executives report to campus with Level 100 students.
  4. Level 300 students to engage in online sessions, whilst at home, with their tutors for 6 weeks.
  5. After 6 weeks from 11th January 2021, Level 200 students will return home to continue their lectures online, whilst Level 300 students report to campus to have a continuation of their lectures through face-to-face sessions and write their End of Semester Exams.
  6. Level 200 students report back to campus to write their End of Semester Exams whilst Level 100 and 300 students break for holidays.

NB The exact dates to switch from face – to – face and vice versa will

be given in due course.


Thank you.