The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) unit per the organizational structure of the colleges of Education, is an integral part of the Mathematics/IT department. The unit has dedicated members who participates in-service that is usually organised by the college and our affiliate universities. The training programme are parallel to official teaching responsibilities to improve the tutors’ qualifications and skills. This helps the members in the unit to perform their duties more efficiently as well as stay current on the latest technology that might be beneficial to the teaching and learning process.

What we do

  1. The unit is responsible for performing several functions apart from teaching all ICT related courses that are mounted in the college.
  2. The members in the unit provide guidelines on the operational parameters for groups and individuals’ use of computers, networks and the general IT infrastructure of the college.
  3. We also play a role in the evaluation and installation of hardware and software necessary to keep the proper functioning of the computer laboratory.
  4. In addition, we train the academic and non-academic staff in using software and data management tools all functional areas of the college.

Members of the Unit



Mr. Hamidu Kwame Seidu


Mr. Kofi Ofori